Possible another terrorist attack in Spain to prevent the independence of Catalonia

Catalonia, Land of the Cathars! We are facing another Albigensian Crusade! The Cabal are trying to prevent the independence of the Cathar People, Cathalanenses, Catalunha!

History repeats itself. We just have to flashback and read the past and identify who caused the Albigensian Crusade and the consequent inquisition? The Roman Catholic Church! The Vatican that we all know is being controlled by the Jesuits which in turn work together with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

The CIA, an american agency that, as we all know, works together with the Israeli Mossad agency and as everyone knows, are two of the world’s leading mafia and terrorist organizations that have set up, armed and trained terrorist groups such as the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (also knows as ISIS), to keep people in a state of fear as they pursue their great Zionist project around the world, that is, destroying the whole world with their terrorist proxies and military operations in the name of a terrorism they themselves create to justify these Military offensives, exterminations of populations, and destruction of ancestral civilizations!

And they use these groups as weapons of mass destruction and terror to frighten the people and thus justify military operations in the Middle East and the implementation of extreme security measures that restrict individual and collective freedom with the aim of removing civil and human rights and to give unlimited and unconditional power to the military complex, police, intelligence, judicial system and governments!

We have to wake up all over the world and rise up against these psychopaths, criminals and terrorists who commit holocausts and genocides every day for the realization of their Babylonian system (New World Order) and solely for the benefit of their protected hybrid aliens!

They need to create a problem for people to react negatively and thus implement drastic and radical security solutions that otherwise people would never accept!

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety!


Colau quiere colocar al Rey en “segunda o tercera fila” en la manifestación del sábado

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