Indigo SkyFold! This comment is being censored on youtube! The Main Reason of Geoengeneering!

This comment is being constantly and completely censored on YouTube in this important video about geoengineering programs:

Indigo is the Frequency of Free Energy, it is the Spiritual Frequency, Indigo Vibration! That’s what they are trying to prevent and destroy, the free energy, Heaven on Earth! The Tesla Coil is an indigo electromagnetic circuit that exists in all nature including human beings! The Key to Free Energy resides in the indigo frequency, the spiritual essence that exists in all human astral bodies, specially the foot and the head! The foot must be connected to earth for the crown chakra to open completely and when enouph people open the crown chakra we realign Earth with Heaven creating a Natural Free Energy State, that is the Ascension process! The first thing that those alien races attacked when they invaded (colonize) Earth was the foot of the Natives to disconnect them from mother earth and therefore disconecting the Star Gates, closing the portals of Heaven on Earth! Indigo Children are being born by the millions since the 70s to restore the planetary grid of earth for the alignment to occur to open the portals again bringing Heaven on Earth! That’s what they are trying to prevent with geoengeneering, besides all the other programs of climate manipulation and the smart grid.
I think free energy is a combination of the Elements in Nature! Tesla discovers that! A combination between Sun, Air, Water and Teluric Forces of Earth! Devices can be charged electrically with the combination of elements that charges the Air making the Ether, what Tesla discovers, maybe all that is need to have all the electrical devices working with free energy is a different power adapter, a different AC (Alternate Current) adapter connected to the device, but the circuit boards and all the rest on the devices can be the same, just a thought… I think Free Energy is more simple that we could imagine… We just need to go to the source (Aether)instead of using processed energy from combustion or from any other element! Producing eletricity from a renewable source is primitive, because we have free energy in the Air resulted of the combination of Elements, the Aether! That’s what Tesla discovers! We need that to free Humanity once and for all and free ourselfs energetically from those bastards which uses us as disposable cells!

Nikola Tesla

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