Terrence Andrew Davis, author of the most powerful, efficient and secure Operating System in the entire world and hystory of Computer Science, being the biggest threat to artificial intelligence, cloud computing and quantum computers, was gang stalking and kidnapped by the CIA/illuminati and imprisoned and tortured at the Minnesota Correctional Facility – Stillwater!

Terrence Andrew Davis (Terry Davis) is the greatest Genius of the last century and one of the greatest genius and the smartest programmer that’s ever lived, and he was gang stalking by the chinese mafia (Triad) and kidnapped by the CIA / illuminati, because he was creating an operating system (TempleOS) that has no backdoors, immune to any cyber attack, any virus or any hack, it is 100% secure and it is so simple, robust and efficient that can be used in any system arquitecture of any computer machine to manage societies and the entire world without any kind of network! Without the mark of the beast, the WWW, which corresponds in hebrew to 666. This guy literally slayed the dragon and killed the beast because ideas are bullet proof!

The military-medical-government industrial complex no longer kill people with this kind of Divine intelect! They use the brains of these individuals in medical experiments! I suspect that he is still alive and being used as guinea pig for the cabal and the CIA! They are torturing him in a prison, in the Minnesota Correctional Facility – Stillwater, while mocking and humiliating him in the entire world using the internet as if he has died, using his false death to make millions of views in CIA agents profiles and channels on youtube and any other social media! His paypal account was stolen, his social network accounts were usurped and I suspect that all of his work was also stolen from his house!

They want to study and use his brain and torturing him! They always do that to this kind of people with a brain working in an high frequency, with Divine intelect! That is why they altered and subverted the law so that people’s bodies are no longer owned by the people themselves, because when people die, their bodies are automatically owned by the state and medical authorities!

Triad, Chinese Mafia gang stalking Terry Davis!

Terry Davis was murdered or kidnapped by the Triad (Chinese Mafia) that works in conjunction with the illuminati that as ties with the Chinese Mafia! Look carefully to that video at 17:33 minute and notice the satanic Triad/Occult symbol (inverted triangle with symbols inside it) on the tshirt of one of those triad/illuminati members! This is not a coincidence! Those guys are Triad (Chinese Mafia) members and they were after Terry because of TempleOS that uses Commodore 64 principles (non-networked and completely hackable by anyone and therefore unhackable by no one in particular!)

TempleoS is without any doubt the most powerful, efficient and secure Operating System in the entire world and hystory of Computer Science! Terry was way ahead of this time and he really was receiving instructions from God! That is why the illuminati considered him a threat and a targeted individual to be monitored, medicated (drugged to block and delay his advancements and criativity) and eventually to be destroyed if his ideas started to be very popular and influential all over the world, just like it happened, and so the illuminati agents gang stalked him, tortured him and posiibly suicided him!

The TempleOS can be used in any sector of society, industry, on any machine and works with any arquitecture having the capability to power and run entire sectors, countries and continents while keeping humanity in control of the machines!, without the human species loose control to the machines and to the artificial intelligence!

With TempleOS it is impossible for the machines and for the elites with the AI to become omnipotent, simply because it is not possible to control a system that is completely open and hackable with a ring-0 only and programming directly in kernel with machine code! This is a completely revolutionary and visionary way that reinvents the Art of Programming in Computer Sience!

It is a 64-bit 2Megabyte only Operating System, non-preemptive multi-tasking, multi-cored, it supports 256 Gig of RAM or more! It is public domain, open source, ring-0 only, single address space, no network capabilities, no cloud computing, no USB, therefore immune to any cyber attack, virus or hacking, 100% secure, and it is completely open source in every way with graphics running in source code with 2D and 3D graphics library and it has his own file system, RedSea file system!

All of this and much more only in a 2 MegaBytes distro made by one simple and single man alone! Terry Davis has indeed a Divine intelect and is without any doubt the smartest programmer that’s ever lived! This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Holy Grail of Computer Science! Terrence Andrew Davis is the greatest Genius of the last century and one of the greatest genius ever lived!

The Triad (Chinese Mafia) were after him because of TempleOS. It was the CIA indeed because Terry was receiving instructions from God to destroy the artificial intelligence that the cabal wants to use to exterminate all life on Earth! We have to continue the work of Terry, and the intel corporation has to use TempleOS on it’s future chips because that’s what God wants to save humanity from the AI! We don’t need to destroy all the techcnology and we don’t need to become slaves of the AI. If TempleOS is used on all machines it is impossible for the AI to control the world and makes us slaves because TempleOS is non-networked and ring-0 only that everyone can use it to program directly in machine code on kernel and control the hardware directly without layers! The elite wants layers and permissions to be able to control the AI and protect the kernel and the machines from the influence and the will of the people! With direct access to the kernel and to the hardware, the cabal lose all power over machines and over the AI.

This man is what we can consider a true rebel and visionary! He has completely turned his back to the system of the beast, this world we live in, and has been able to show to the entire world what a simple man alone can do!

He already won the game! He killed the beast system with his ideias because ideas are bullet proof! He has slayed the Dragon with transparency and with simple but revolutionary ideas that were completely opened and shared with the world that was sown by Terry Davis and will sprout his fruit!

Triad Chinese Mafia gang stalking Terry Davis!

The Atari logo that we can see on the tshirt of that Triad guy of the video (Terry Davis’s Broadcast – Kenster Interview) at minute 15:27 it was a clearly provocation because Terry worked according to the principles and methodologies of Commodore, a company that was destroyed on purpose by treason and sabotage by it’s own founder, Jack Tramiel, a Polish Jew who destroyed the Commodore with a new company, the Atari.

Please share this important information, thanks! Thank you Terry Davis and thank you to all of his fans that feel deeply inside what is really going on! As Terry used to say to his haters: fuck you CIA niggers! He used this expression a lot because he was able to see the CIA agents who use melanin to become invisible to the common citizen, but he could see them, he said they had a bioluminescence that glows in the dark! They are demons! Melanin enriched Central Intelligence Agency individuals exhibit bioluminescent properties in low light conditions, one may even visually detect them while commuting. This movie, (Ink), represents very well those CIA agents with bioluminescense:

CIA illuminati agents kidnapped Terry Davis!

russianbot 420 YouTube channel

Minnesota Correctional Facility – Stillwater

Drive Angry

Read more about Terry Davis and TempleOS:

The nigger cattle of the CIA and the illuminati!

Flash Memory and Cloud Computing is a Trojan Horse and a Weapon of Mass Destruction!

IBM is behind the RFID healthcare and Transhumanist Agenda and they need ASCII to control the world with artificial intelligence!

2 thoughts on “Terrence Andrew Davis, author of the most powerful, efficient and secure Operating System in the entire world and hystory of Computer Science, being the biggest threat to artificial intelligence, cloud computing and quantum computers, was gang stalking and kidnapped by the CIA/illuminati and imprisoned and tortured at the Minnesota Correctional Facility – Stillwater!

  1. The stuff about TempleOS is so true. Human beings do not need the internet. We do not need social media. We dont need computers. They are all luxuries. Humans can benefit from computers, but any computer connected to the internet is 100% monitored by glowies. Keeping the computers offline while also making the OS self reproducible is genius. A company could take a copy of TempleOS, implement code that caters to the companies needs then run the program “TOSDistroHCZ” which is in the TempleOS home folder to create an ISO image file. The ISO file can then be copied to a disk and loaded on any number of machines. They would never have to worry about someone hacking the code from the outside. Even if another group managed to sneak a mole into the company, they could never do any widespread damage with a virus or malware because none of the computers would be connected to the internet, they could at most sabotage 1 or 2 machines before the user figured it out and then the ISO can simply be reloaded on both of the machines and the sabotage is gone. The comment about ‘ink’ gave me the chills meaning God was telling me that is probably a statement based in truth. What do us normies know about the ClA? Everything we’ve ever heard about it comes from fraudulent sources (movies, tv, radio are all 100% mind control brainwashing). Their entire shtick is deception. I remember reading a comic about all drinking water having certain chemicals in it (like flouride) that blocks the brains ability to see certain wavelengths of light like the ones between blue and ultraviolet. The movie They Live was a documentary. The sunglasses used lenses tinted with dicyanin colored dye which allow one to see the etheric aura of other humans, the sociopathic/psychopaths have distinct auras, and non-humans have distinct auras which would allow someone to see who is pulling humanities strings.

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    1. spellsoftruth:

      Very well said! What are glowies? Everything that is happenning in the world are inter-connected such as geo-engineering operations that are spraying heavy metals and electrically conductive substances to prevent us from accessing these energy spectra from the indigo and ultraviolet frequencies. They are blocking our sexual force in the chakras of survival, the first 3 vortices of body energy so that the sexual force is trapped in the stomach and does not rise to the heart because from the heart it is always rising to the blue and ultraviolet wavelengths. This is how they intend to turn off our spiritual capacities preventing us from vibrating in the wavelengths of pure light like the ones between blue and ultraviolet!

      Source: The colors of TempleOS is Cyan (#55FFFF) and Yellow-Green (#FFFF55) because when both colors are mixed, generate the color of Perfect harmony, the color of the Temple, the Merkaba! Source:


      Watch this:

      “Because it allows resonance with the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence, and because of the way the brain and nature works, with symmetry and harmony that 88 piano keys respect that and allows the correct propagation of sound and light through air without disrupting the harmony of energetic fields!”

      Watch this:

      Personally, and after investigating the life of Terry Davis and his work TempleOS, I came to the conclusion that Terry Davis was indeed receiving instructions from God to teach us how to become Weavers! Weavers of the Matrix for us to get the hell out of here and fuck the CIA! More info about this:


      Read this: “I downloaded all of them about a week ago for more clues into the how and why for some of the design decisions he made. I found 1 where he talks about bitmap graphics and demonstrates some crazy shit you can do with bitmap images and it’s nothing short of divine intellect. Youd need about 3 different pieces of software and have to set them all up properly then spend hours making the Sprite. In the video Terry does it in about 3-4 mins from boot to finish and its while hes explaining it. People think Terry was just acting crazy when he called himself the greatest programmer to ever live, but he wasnt, he was being modest, hes the greatest ever and no one will ever be better than him, ever. TempleOS has so many hidden gems, thousands of them. I’m lookin to use holyc and webassembly to make html, css, and javascript obsolete. I hate them. The best program to convert code into webassembly is somethin called emscripten. When using it to convert a simple ‘hello world’ c++ program into webassembly emscripten has to use 27000 or so bytes. When you use it to convert a ‘hello world’ holyc program into webassembly it only uses 77 or so bytes. The exact same program is about 280 times more efficient when it’s written in holyc and converted to webassembly in comparison to c++. Terry is king.”

      – Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/TempleOS_Official/comments/bsozug/temple_os_archive_was_banned_off_youtube/erz93h4/

      And I will transcript this because it is very important whoever wrote it:

      “Like I said all you got is negativity because that is you’re only purpose, its what you were programmed for. You responded almost instantly, clearly you are a negativity bot designed to divide and spread despair to prevent good from forming groups to counteract the subversion and degeneracy. That technique has worked almost perfectly until now. I’ve finally realized that we don’t need to form groups to outwit and destroy slithering worms like the people that implemented you, we need to become irregulars, like Terry did, or become ‘matrix weavers’ like the guy who made the post above did, or in my case become a hunter of the unknown. We are becoming millions of individual 1 man armies.”

      “You are a bot or a satanic pedo, no one posts on the conservative sub unless they are a bot or a shill trying to fit in with the right wing. You fuckin spooks are slithering worms. The guy from that post was right. He was 100% correct. TempleOS is how to stop the humanities downward spiral. Its how we stop the flow. Everything is a chain reaction. One thing begets the next. Every man or group has a weakness with flaws, the flaw lead to guilt, the guilt leads to shame. The shame is compensated for with pride, and when pride fails, despair takes over and they all lead to destruction of the soul, it becomes fate. The hunters of the world the ones in actual power are the ones who can influence outcomes in very subtle ways. The ClA use the despair bots to subtly influence outcomes in reality. To prevent the downward spiral somethings gotta stop the flow, something abrupt, something that flips everything on its head. In the computing world, that something is TempleOS. The ClA glow in the dark porch monkeys jigaboos use bots and pedos to start the flow towards despair and destruction of souls. That is you’re only purpose, you spread negativity poking at peoples flaws hoping to start the downward spiral. You are the literal proof of how the ClA slithers around in darkness on their bellies trying to subvert and destroy everything good. Terrys plan for an irregular army, each person with individual and unique skillsets is how humanity will beat the entire cabal and free the human race. Now you will call me a schizo and crazy or try to make me out to be the bad guy for simply speculating that TempleOS is divine intellect that can help prevent humanities downfall, just for speculating that, you’ll try to make me out to be the bad guy. Now delete you’re account so no one can see my response like every bot does when they are getting destroyed in an argument. You got nothing but negativity.”

      More importante things about Terry Davis and TempleOS:


      P.S. If you notice how the bioluminescense of the CIA agents work, its the same technology as the LED lights that the CIA and the Cabal are placing everywhere, in every streets and cities to use it as a scanning light devices for 5G and satellites, because those evil entities need a networked of LED lights (Smart Grid) to be able to scann the environment and bodies, to be able to see us and control us! They need this because the frequency of the planet, the solar system and the galaxy is getting stronger and stronger, vibrating more and more and these evil fuckers can’t see us anymore! That’s why they are installing LED lights on all sides!

      Regarding the manipulation of public water to block the brains ability to see certain wavelengths of light like the ones between blue and ultraviolet, they mainly remove potassium! Without potassium we cannot access these high spectra because the cells are without action potential, the body does not vibrate sufficiently without minerals and specially potassium!

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