All governments and religious authorities are cooperating with evil using lies and fear!

All governments and religious authorities are cooperating with evil using lies and fear!

“We pay taxes, where does our tax money go? Do they go to the hunger children in Africa? No. Our tax money goes to Israel or it goes to more nuclear weapons and to the military, medical and pharmaceutical complex. So that more people can be killed, more children and innocent women and children can be killed in wars so that more soldiers can put their hands in the Bible and say: “I love Jesus, I love my country, I’m fighting for God and my country”.

“As long as you kill in the name of the nation, it’s all ok, but if you kill someone on your own you are judged as a murder and sentenced to prison for the rest of your life, everyone puts their fingers at you and says: “this is the bad guy”. But for the other guys that killed in the name of the nation and religion, those same people decorates and honors them as heroes of the country.”

“When no one is ever realizing that the real terrorists are the governments of the world”

“If people didn’t cooperate, we woudn’t have governments, authorities, hospitals and shoppings, hypermarkets, all of that. But what do we need hospitals and doctors for? So we can stay healthy. But what is the reason for staying healthy while remaining a slave? While remaining in misery working 10 hours a day, 7 days a week?”

“Why is hell so important? Why be healthy? Just so you can work a little more and serve the interests of the elites and the system a little more? What have we cooperated for? We are in misery, we are living our lives in fear, in misery and slavery, not in joy, hapiness, bliss, and we are told to believe in the impossible, we are told to believe in the Bible, why? Why does this continue?”

“Fear is Co-operation. Co-operation for what? Co-operation for the elites interests.”

“Despite all the scientific and spiritual evolution of this earth, christianity is flourishing more and more every day. It’s like it’s getting new life every day, new denominations is created out of it, out of the Bible every day new denominations, Jehovah’s Witnesses, this and that, new theories of who God is and what it can do are created every day. And now, when we are discovering quantum phisics, now they are using quantum physics to explain God. So they are always changing their tactics to keep christianity alive. So that people can continue believing in it and continue creating and maintain this miserable society, this miserable system.”

“What have we co-operated for? The end of the world is coming soon, right? Armagedon, God will destroy the earth. We have wasted thousands of years building this corrupt system just to find God destroying the whole thing again. We have not done anything, we have only walked in circles, and we all go to hell?”

“First we have been in hell here on earth, living in this miserable system, and then there is another hell waiting for us afterwards, which is supposedly the real hell according to the roman catholic church. and God will only save 1% of the all people who have ever existed, so the rest of the 99% of the people that have only work daily trying to do good things for other people, sacrificing their lifes for others, being martyrs, but because they didn’t believe in religious authorities and Jesus, and they have all walked in circles round and around for thousands of years, God will destroy everything that we have built up out of fear, and will destroy everything and everyone? This is so sick!”

“This is so sick, I’m so sick and tired of this world that I can’t even look at people without getting disgusted. And people ask me, why you so angry? Why you so bitter? Why do you never smile? How am I suposed to be happy, loving, smiling, when I am told from birth to grave that I will go to hell for all the eternity if I don’t live in constant fear and misery. I’m told to sacrifice my life and be a slave to the corrupt masters of this corrupt system by believing in the impossible. So I’m told to believe in something impossible while at the same time kissing ass of corrupt politicians and authorities.”


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