Steve Grant – LOG 333

Steve Grant – LOG 333

Log 333, yes its evident these entities are worshiping artificial intelligence. Its unprecedent(ed) how they settled in to our residence its why we stepping in with lyrical and celestial medicine.

Break the thick wall of ignorance they don’t want us to penetrate. That’s why i spit the flow out, sit back watch it devastate. I sit back and watch it ‘mezmerate’ I levitate the mental density of any heavyweight.

Imperial vocals the greatest activist weapon. Minority report alphabet boys data collectors. We travel the sector gather the message do battle with defectors nothing we do is passive aggressive we savage protectors.

We gettin caught in these lost circular minds codes. And the human spirit is getting converted into modules. Death rate increases much further as the times goes from the burgers and the tacos to the murders in Chicago.

They want the lost knowledge of all of the fallen scholars, dissolve our minds and drop us all in the bottom of bottles. But we from the stars so now this archons they got a problem.

Giant ocean of wisdom and you trying not to fall in. You can lead’em to water but cant make’em drink. Kick a mother fucker in watch’em drown watch’em sink. Watch’em start to wake up watch’em start to think.

Watch his third eye start flashin and watch it start to blink. Watch ‘em get activated. Watch the illusion that’s captivated him for so long become dilapidated. The flow that’s raising vibrations, souls are escaping slaver.

This is the flow of draconian decapitation. This is the flow cracking the stone of a master mason. You witnessing the glow from the massive mass awakening. This is the ghost from the past that captured ancient beings brought’em to the future uploaded them through the matrix screen.

Nikola Tesla weaponry death rays laser beams, they screen saving your faces while you just saving memes. Alien genes in a place where supernatural babies swing in secret government laboratories welcome to Stranger Things.

Agent purple agent blue agent pink, agent orange agent white and agent green. Don’t let the military teach you what the rainbow means. We’re here to wake the world up from the program this ain’t a dream.

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