Feelings and Thoughts from Another Worlds! Flashback! Back to Spirit! We were connected! We are connected!

Micronovas, Supernovas or Hypernovas is not an electric wind! Stars does not naturally explode, they implode giving birth to a new creation, a new universe with a new spectrum of frequencies and energies!

The universe is just a verse of the complete composition of the poem of creation which is a sound, a sound of the absolute and infinite that give life to any form of creation! The universe is a veil, a line, it is just a line of the complete composition of creation, it is just a particle and not the whole!

Universes, galaxies, solar systems, stars, all come from silence that is full of sounds, all creation originates from unaudible sounds that become audible when it enters the electromagnetic spectrum of visible and audible light, the physical dimension of the universe, and for each audible tone corresponds a colored tone in the electromagnetic spectrum after the frequency of that sound is diminished to the point of being seen through the electromagnetic spectrum of visible light. Everyting is Silence and everything is Sound! The Sound of the Absolute!

Light, colors and audible sounds are low vibrational frequencies that propagates in space through waves and not through the expansion and compression of space and time that allows the travelling in time and space without moving! Silence is full of sounds that we cannot ear it, and the vacuum, the emptyness is full of energy that we cannot see it because it is no light, it has no electrons! It is pure energy, the source of all energies that exist on a phisical world. Silence has the set of all sounds and the sound of the absolute manifests itself in silence just as the source of creation manifests itself in the invisible.

What we see in space with an Hypernova or Supernova is just the remanescente electric part of the event and not the full spectrum of the whole event that gives birth to a new set of particles with different and new chemical compounds inside a new spectrum of frequencies and energies!

Cosmic Wind

Any wind is not electric in it’s essence because it has no light, that’s why we cannot see it! Wind is made of a plasma of heliosphere, it is magnetic but it is not electric! It is a plasma of a pure energy above the electromagnetic spectrum, that is why we cannot see the wind because wind is not made of electrons, is not electric at all! Electrons can influence the movement and direction of the wind but wind is not electric! The universe is not electric, earth has electrons but it is not electric either! Electrons are around the atoms but electrons are not atoms! They are lying to us about our true nature and essence, that is not electric!

The Electric Universe Theory is a fraud to keep us away from the knoledge of our true origins and essence that is not electric, it is spiritual! The Spirit is not made of electrons! Everything they say is a lie, a misconception and deceptions to keep us inside an electromagnetic bird box formed by the illusion of electrons and thus keeping us away from our spiritual nature and essence!

Time is electric and it’s the main weapon of social and human control! Keepers of the time are motherfucker aliens that does not want us to be what we are: Free Spirits connected to Spirit and all of Creation! Running out of time is good news because time does not exist in the nature of the cosmos! Time is an electromagnetic illusion used to control! Clocks are electric charge locks, hence the word Clocks, to lock us inside an electromagnetic prison (light, matter) to be controled by those aliens bastards!

Time is the main weapon of slavery and control!

Wind is food and it will be used as the main source of energy of all living-beings! There is nothing to be afraid of and all this fear propaganda that are being spreaded all over the world by mainstream media, governments, authorities, science fiction, PsyOP agents, the press, the elites are doing everything they can to keep you scared in order to shut down your endocrine system because it is with the glands of the endocrine system that the whole bodies will naturally connect to Spirit through air and the wind and to the space all around us and the emptyness inside us to use it as a source of free energy!

They want you in fear to repress and shut down your endocrine system, your glands necessary to be able to feed you from the source of free energy that is becoming available everyday for everyone!

That is why they are making everything to deactivate our endocrine system with products with chemicals, changing the weather with geoengeneering programs and chemical substances to block the sun and to isolate earth and living-beings from cosmic influences, with synthetic cloths, smart grid, smart meters, smart phones, smart TVs, buildings separated from nature, shoppings, hypermarkets, schools isolated from nature to keep students away from the stars and from the sun and separated from nature and from each other, they are doing everything to shut down our endocrine system!

Frequency does not exist where there is nothing. There is no place where there is nothing because where there is nothing is not a place because it has no time nor space, no limits, no dimensional extent, it is pure existence, silence, emptyness, it is the absolute and the infinite! No place, no time, no space, no geometry, no light, no frequency because there is no thing, nothing, a frequency is only possible in a space between a periodic time, a limit! We have no limits! Reality has no limits because it has no time!

No no limits, we’ll reach for the sky!
No valley too deep,
no mountain too high
No, no limits, won’t give up the fight
We do what we want and we do it with pride

No valley too deep, no mountain too high
Reach the top, touch the sky!
They tried to diss me ‘cause I sell out
I’m making techno when I am proud!

A thing is a combination of chemical compounds that are put in place and organized by electrons and a code of a high level language, the genetic code using the alphabet that is a virus inoculated into the original creation, the genetic code does not need the alphabet because genetic code is not composed by alphabet! The alphabet is an electromagnetic weapon that is being used to lower the vibration of the genetic code in order for the elites, those alien bastards, to access the DNA in order to manipulate matter (light) for their evil intents. Everything is materialized by the silence of sound forming a genetic code of unaudible sounds because those sounds are in a higher vibrational state from the absolute source of creation that generates those sounds through the vacuum and that by light (electromagnetism) it reduces it’s vibrational state and it becomes audible, visible, materialized! Those aliens have subverted all of this processes in order to be able to control us with time, money and light, matter, separating us from our true source of Creation, the Spirit!

The alphabet used in the genetic code is a virus that it isn’t the original language of creation because the source of creation is the silence of the sound and not a thing because it is not composed of matter, it does not exist as a thing with a mass, with a light, is has no light, no matter, no mass, it has nothing, it is pure vibration in no space, no existence, it is the sound of the absolute, the Om ton.

You don’t know a thing but you think you know because you have your eyes open inside a bird box formed by the electromagnetic illusion of the matrix!

Om Ton, o corpo sonoro do Absoluto, o som do Universo


HINDU Origin of AUM / OM

Found first in the Vedic scriptures of Hinduism, Aum has been seen as the first manifestation of the unmanifest Brahman (the single Divine Ground of Hinduism) that resulted in the phenomenal universe. Essentially, all the cosmos stems from the vibration of the sound ‘Aum’ in Hindu cosmology. Indeed, so sacred is it that it is prefixed and suffixed to all Hindu mantras and incantations. It is undoubtedly the most representative symbol of Hinduism.

Gods and Goddesses are sometimes referred to as Aumkar (or Omkar), which means form of Aum, thus implying that who are limitless, the vibrational whole of the cosmos. Ek Onkar, meaning ‘one god’ is a central tenet of Sikh religious philosophy. In Hindu metaphysics, it is proposed that the manifested cosmos (from Brahman) has name and form (nama-rupa), and that the closest approximation to the name and form of the universe is Aum, since all existence is fundamentally composed of vibration. (This concept of describing reality as vibrations, or rythmic waves, can also be found in quantum physics and super string theory, which describe the universe in terms of vibrating fields or strings.)

In advaita philosophy it is frequently used to represent three subsumed into one, a common theme in Hinduism. It implies that our current existence is mithya, or ‘slightly lesser reality,’ that in order to know the full truth we must comprehend beyond the body and intellect and intuit the true nature of infinity, of a Divine Ground that is imminent but also transcends all duality, being and non-being, that cannot be described in words. Within this metaphysical symbolism, the three are represented by the lower curve, upper curve and tail of the ॐ subsumed into the ultimate One, represented by the little crescent moon-shape and dot, known as chandrabindu.

Essentially, upon moksha, mukti, samadhi, nirvana, liberation, etc. one is able not only to see or know existence for what it is, but to become it. In attaining truth one simply realizes fundamental unity; it is not the joining together of a prior manifold splitting. When one gains true knowledge, there is no split between knower and known: one becomes knowledge/consciousness itself. In essence, Aum is the signifier of the ultimate truth that all is one.


They were connected!

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