Louis Farrakhan is an agent of the CIA and the New World Order

Louis Farrakhan is one of the pharaohs who works for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and is protected by all the American and European intelligence services that are negotiating in the New World Order, so he is never murdered! He is an emotional and psychological manipulator, is a PsyOP Agent that has been very well trained to manipulate human emotions and incite racism!

Louis Farrakhan stated that the white race is demonic. He is neither a Christian nor a Muslim because he does not follow or respect the message of Christ who told us to do something very simple: “Love one another as I have loved you!”.

To assert that the white race is demonic or to say that the black race is demonic, or to assert that any other race is demonic, is a way of provoking racial conflict and separating people spiritually, which is what these guys want!

They want to separate the Spirit from the body and to separate us spiritually from all of Creation, and for this they use the spectrum of visible light to segregate people with racial conflicts because people instead of living by the Spirit are manipulated to live in low frequency to value only physical aspects, color, visible light!

These guys are masters at psychological manipulation and know very well what they are doing! Louis Farrakhan is an anti-Semite and is being paid and protected by the CIA, Europe and Vatican, to provoke racial and religious conflicts! Intelligence services like the CIA are experts in psychological and social manipulation by funding both sides of a conflict to control all sides! They divide to conquer!

On the one hand we have the Caucasians with the extreme racist right to defend the race that they ignorantly denominate of white race and on the other side we have these agents like the Louis Farrakhan that they call themselves Muslims and Christians, with racist attitudes to defend what they ignorantly call the black race when there is no black or white race because the dark skin is not black and the white skin is not white, if it were black or white nobody could see it!

There are no black or white races because light has both sides, black and white, the beginning and end of the electromagnetic spectrum of visible light is black (no color) and white (set of all colors) but neither black nor white can see, there is no white or black race, black is one side of the light, as well as white. Darkness exists only because there is light, the light projects both sides, white and black. They deceive us and manipulate us emotionally with the spectrum of visible light.

The aim of this CIA agent, Louis Farrakhan, is to incite and promote racism because it is on the agenda of the new world order to provoke racial conflicts! That is why he affirmed that the whole white race is demonic and on the other side we have the extreme right to say the opposite, that the black race is demonic, this is psychological games at the highest level using the electromagnetic spectrum of visible light to manipulate us psychologically and emotionally! People instead of living by the spirit live by the visible light, which is the darkness because without light there is no darkness!

“The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings.” – John Fitzgerald Kennedy 

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