LED lights are Nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction that emit nuclear radiation by the nuclear fission of heavy metal atoms in the semiconductors used in LEDs. LED lights are the main alien technology of the New World Order needed to trap and control all living beings within Smart Cities!

LED lamps are nuclear reactors that make nuclear fission by splitting the heavy metal atoms used in LED lamp semiconductors. LED lamps are nuclear weapons, and everyone responsible for the worldwide use, sale, authorization, legislation and implementation of such nuclear weapons disguised as lighting must be tried and convicted of war crimes against humanity, against nature, against animals, for public health attacks, environmental crimes, cover-up evidence, misinformation, negligent homicides, illnesses, deaths, and a host of other crimes being committed using LED lamps in Worldwide! This is unbelievable but it is the truth and the perpetrators must all be identified, tried and convicted!

That’s why incandescent bulbs and many other types of bulbs without LED technology were prohibited worldwide because those bulbs does not use nuclear radiation, they illuminate with heat and LED bulbs are cold because LED bulbs are nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons! We are being bombarded with nuclear weapons through LED light! Nature, animals and humans are being attacked, sterilized, getting sick and being killed in a stealthy and slowly way with LED lights.

What they did with the LED lights was to develop a nuclear directed energy weapon disguised as a light system with a circuit board and a hardware driver to be able to program and control the device remotely. The LED lamps accumulates electricity on the capacitors to be used as a nuclear reactor using the accumulated electricity to split the heavy metal atoms used in the semiconductors of LEDs and emit nuclear radiation which is the white light beam we see that is not meant to illuminate because white light does not illuminate, it acts as a pointer because it is concentrated nuclear energy directed at a target! LED lights were not designed to illuminate, they were designed as a weapon to slowly burn the cells of living beings with nuclear energy disguised as lighting.

All LED lights use heavy metal semiconductors so that electricity passing through the semiconductors split the heavy metal atoms and emits nuclear radiation in the form of white light. Open a simple LED lamp and see for yourself what they have done, see the complexity of a simple LED lamp used in homes and everywhere and the hardware used on the LED lamp.

The purpose of LED technology is to control electromagnetic flux, is to control electricity and used it on a destructive way as a nuclear and electromagnetic weapon system, it is a biological weapon preventing the free propagation and distribution of electricity and using it as a nuclear directed-energy weapon!

LEDs are Nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction!

The driver and circuit board that all LED lamps have can be accessed and programmed remotely through the power grid itself that acts as an internet and telecommunication medium, any hacker, company that manufactures these lamps or authority that has the driver can access to the circuit boards and LED lamp hardware via the driver! That is, LED lamps are nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons remotely controlled disguised as light! It is the most perfect and stealth weapon ever made!

Using LED technology they prevent electricity from being used directly to illuminate and heat bodies and spaces! They want to lower the temperatures of planet earth to kill all life, to cause disease and proliferation of viruses, fungi and pathogens, and they are doing this with LEDs that emit nuclear radiation that lower the temperatures of spaces and bodies! That’s why they are demonizing sugar and calorie foods because they want cold bodies to be abducted mentally and cellularly by nuclear and electromagnetic radiation through LED lamps!

They want to lower earth temperatures to prevent living beings to live and grow outside of their smart buildings, smart vertical indoor farmings and smart artificial wombs and medically assisted reproductions in hospitals.

They have developed a circuit board in LED lamps to prevent electricity from being used directly by the lamp to heat up spaces and bodies, and to be able to monitor and control the electrons and the transmission intensity and the type and power of radiation emitted bt the LEDs! That is, electricity ceases to flow freely in a natural and healthy way and is now used as a beam weapon of nuclear and electron particles. LEDs are nuclear radiation directed-energy weapons disguised as light.

The circuit board has been implemented in LED lamps to be programmed with a hardware driver which is what allows the Cabal to remotely control electricity to be used as a directed nuclear energy weapon! Incandescent lamps have no circuit board, electricity in these lamps is used directly and not accumulated or controlled by any hardware driver!

LEDs are nuclear and electromagnetic weapons of mass destruction, these are medical and military technology that is being used for electronic monitoring and to stealthily and selectively kill nature, animals and populations while genetically manipulating all living beings to be monitored, controlled and to grow within Smart vertical indoor farmings and Smart Cities with LED lights.

LEDs for indoor vertical farming in Smart Cities – Google, Alphabet, Amazon, Japan SoftBank Group Corp

They are destroying nature and causing catastrophes on purpose with geo-engineering to force us to rely on vertical indoor farmings and laboratory reproductions within Smart Cities Hospitals and Labs, to make us dependent on scientists and corporations and not on nature anymore.

They want to substitute nature with laboratories to control all life with technology that use LED light systems to replace the energy of the solar system and the galaxy with LED lights. That’s why they want everyone in Smart Cities with Smart technologies. They want humans to be reproduced with artificial wombs and medically assisted reproductions in hospitals. And they want absolute control over food supply to control everyone, that’s why they want to replace traditional horizontal agriculture and the free growth of food in nature with Smart vertical indoor farmings to alienate living beings by separating them from the earth and the elements of nature, to disconnect life from the solar system. They want life to be dependent on scientific and technological control using LED lights to replace solar and lunar energies. This is an alien agenda to abduct and alienate all living beings from their earthly and cosmic nature.

“The vertical farms will be build next to large cities in order to reduce delivery times of the products.

“A LED lightning system is programmed to create a specific light recipe for each plant. This gives the greens the exact spectrum, intensity and frequency they need for photosynthesis in the most energy efficient way possible.”

“The programmed lights allow farmers to control the size, shape, texture, color, flavour and nutrition of the foods produced.”

“By using the LED systems farmers can monitoring plant growth and tweak and track changes to allow for further improvements to the system.”

“Smart floating farms can be connected to form a cluster of modules, the green house for the vegetables which are grown without soil. All the modules are centrally controlled by software via Cloud Technology. The production data will be analysed and can be used to make comparisons on the food needs for specific cities.”

“Each Smart floating farm is estimated to have a maximum production of just over 8 tons of vegetables and slightly over 1.7 tons of fish per year. The floating farms are ideal for density populated cities near coastal areas such as Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong.” – Por isso é que eles querem toda a gente concentrada e aprisionada em Smart Cities!

“Shigeharu Shimamura and his company MIRAI / General Electric, used the Tsunami and earthquake disaster of Japan as a catalyst to test his theory on the viability of indoor industrial farming

“In this farm the special LEDs developed by General Electric can be controlled to give up the amount of light most conducive to photosynthesis”

Right now without this LED technology, without vertical indoor farmings and without Smart technology, just using traditional agriculture, the world wastes tons of food every day, only the United States alone wastes 4x more food every day than it needs, because corporations do not share anything because they only seek profit and not sharing, and waste is used to generate more profit because corporations use everything to generate profit, they make money out of waste.

That is why these Smart vertical indoor farmings will not end any worldwide hunger, it is an emotional fallacy, a false argument and a lying narrative being used by these corporations to deceive us and get us into accepting these technologies which development is not to feed the world’s population because corporations will not share any food, corporations want to have absolute control over all natural resources to sell food at prices that will be impossible to compete and in a centralized way through corporate monopolies that using these technologies they gain absolute control over all means of production, sales and distribution of food worldwide!

It’s all about money and big business monopolies, this LED technology is going to exponentially increase the production of genetically modified food products at lower prices and increase the prices of natural food products, and will concentrate the production, sales and distribution of worldwide food products only in the big corporate monopolies that thus destroy food and economic independence of countries, the sovereignty of countries, traditional agriculture, competition, small local producers, and also destroy organic farming with geo-engineering and unfair competition because the prices of natural food will be exorbitant compared to the products of these smart indoor vertical farmings, all natural food will become an elite market, as is already happening with biological and organic food stores that sell high-priced natural products, and in this way they put an end to all the competition, making everyone dependent on those big business groups behind this patented technology and seeds specially developed to grow with LED light systems!

Smart vertical indoor farmings using LED lights

LED manufacturing needs Rare-Earth Elements, that’s why the Cabal are using fake rescue operations and purposely causing environmental disasters with geo-engineering attacks blaming humans and nature and to justify the intervention of rescue teams in order to seize and take over of rare-earth elements, like the fake rescue in Thailand and the removal of sediments from the Tagus River in Portugal that were Cabal operations to seize and take over of Rare-Earth Elements that are needed in LED manufacturing and which are a niche market worth at least $5 billion in the technology, pharmaceutical and biomedical markets!

It’s all inter-connected, geo-engineering, natural disasters caused on purpose by geo-engineering, rescue operations, media sensation with deceptive lies and misinformation and disinformation, smart cities, smart technologies, 5G, Street Lights, Space Fence, autonomous vehicles, Truck Platooning, Smart Roundabouts, Smart Phones, wildfires to get rid of trees and plants that interfere with the Smart Grid and 5G signals that only work with BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight), the killing of birds, specially migratory birds and insects like bees and butterflies, because these birds and insects pollinate and spread seeds all over the world compromising the cybernetic and transhumanist agenda, the destruction of native forests and the attack by the media and governments on open pit mining (quarrying) because of the beneficial radiation emitted by rocks and minerals in open pit mining that blocks and neutralizes the harmful electromagnetic and nuclear radiation emissions from the LED lights and 5G network that these alien beasts want to use for unmanned autonomous vehicles and LED systems to monitor and control everything and everyone with the Smart Grid within Smart Cities that are electromagnetic prisons!

Now something interesting to think about, ask yourself why Chinese manufacturers of Street Lighting systems that are being sold all over the world, are not using the earth cable to ground electric discharges which is mandatory for safety and security reasons to neutralize electromagnetic pulses. These Chinese motherfuckers are spreading electronic weapons around the world disguised as street lighting with unsafe electronic equipment to trigger a worldwide catastrophe with an EMP attack.



internet from every light bulb

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