LED lights are 5G, 6G, 7G and 8G wireless fiber optic technology that transmit data in submillimeter waves with extremely high frequency above the terahertz range. Any LED light is a 5G to 8G transmitter and that is why the Cabal is using LED lights as the main technology for the internet of things!

LED lights are 5G to 8G optical transmission devices! 5G is obsolete technology that has being used for many years through white light LEDs in every city, home and building around the world burning and killing nature, animals and humans in a slowly and stealthy way, and disguised as street lighting under the motto of sustainability and ecological and economic lights, when in reality LED lamps are neither sustainable nor ecological because they are not biodegradable, neither they are economic because they use high power output for data transmission and nuclear and electric radiation with extremely high frequency above the terahertz range through the white LED lights.

We are being deceived. They are lying, 5G is already in use since at least 2003 in every city around the world through street lighting and LED lights everywhere, inside our homes, in our work places and in every street and building. They are using us as guinea pigs and deceiving us because people are fighting against the implementation of 5G that is already implemented and being used all over the world since at least 2003 through LED lights.

And this is being done without public consultation, without public consent, without safety regulations, without environmental and health impact assessment, they are doing this in our backs in a completely secrecy, illegal and criminal way disguised as ecological economy and sustainable development to invade and violate our private and intimate lives, our personal, family and professional lives without us knowing, and to kill us in a slowly and stealthy way.

LED lights are 5G to 8G optical transmission devices!

LED lights is a 5G to 8G system, they are hiding the fact that the light emitted by a LED light is already 5G to 8G transmission on it’s own! LED lights are transmitted in a submillimeter waves, they are not for 5G, they are the 5G to 8G technology itself. The urban radar is something that use LED lights for scanning but is different then 5G, it is a high gain urban radar scanning antenna for the 3D remote mapping, holographic military technology and for being used as a directed-energy weapon with the dielectric antenna that Anthony Steele showed in this video, but the LED light is already a 5G to 8G transmission radiation!

The authorities know this perfectly well and are deceiving the public by saying that streetlights do not use 5G when in reality LED lights themselves are 5G to 8G submillimeter wave transmitters. LEDs work the same way as fiber optics because they contain plastic and glass filaments for the 5G to 8G data transmission through LED light. LED lights are 5G to 8G fiber optics technology! The white light from LEDs is fiber optic 5G to 8G wireless communication, it’s the same technology as fiber optics, and it uses air as its transmission medium and that’s why they are changing the chemical properties of the atmosphere with geo-engineering, spreading plastic fibers, glass and metal nanoparticles (nanodust) to use the atmosphere as a 5G-8G fiber optics conductive medium for LED lights.

Study how the LED lights are generated and emitted with the hardware and the driver being used, the most secret of the Cabal is the hardware driver that controls the LED light and data transmission modulation, that is why the Chinese does not sell or reveal any driver nor the software of its LED lights hardware, and most of the brands of LED lights and LED equipment that is being sold worldwide are from ghost companies in China that does not exist, it’s a method that the Cabal use to conceal those responsible for criminal operations because in that way they can’t be identified and can neither be tried nor convicted because no one knows who they are! They use ghost companies, proxy corporations with fake names to hide the source where the material comes from.

Now you know why they are selling and spreading white LED lights all over the world and why the architecture and civil engineering are building square and cubic houses and buildings, to prepare the spaces for 8G wireless signal propagation with this kind of lighting wireless technology using LEDs with white lights.

LED Lights are 5G to 8G Wireless Access Points and Routers


Indoor visible light data transmission system utilizing white LED lights

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FCC opens 95GHz to 3THz spectrum for ‘6G, 7G, or whatever’ is next

American Medical Association: “LED street lights may cause road hazards and obesity”

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