Wave theory is a lie and a scientific fraud and 5G and 8G is already in use by the military since the beginning of the telecommunications and the internet using the Power Grid

5G is not next generation because 5G is not a technology, 5G is obsolete and is already in use by the military in the power grid since the beginning of telecommunications. The power grid is the beast!!! The electronic power grid is the beast because it blocks the electric current provoking high tension in order for electricity to be used with transformers and be able to be capitalized, to be sold!

The main problem with wireless technology is not the wireless data transfer, is the way devices are connected to the power grid because all those devices are using the power grid and transformers (AC/DC) to be connected with, that is the main problem because wireless radiation are emitted in waves and not in a direct way!

Data transfer should not be emitted in waves but in a direct communication between emitter and receptor because in that way there is no biological hazardous because that’s how nature works and also telepathy between animals, plants, humans and worlds, any living being, any celestial being communicates in a direct way and not in waves, waves are a barrier that disrupt natural direct communication!

Radio waves distort light and matter, it distort space forming time, the formation of a space is what generates time, a time-line, geometry is a low vibration distortion of a source of energy! Nature works in an abstract and direct way and not in waves! Wave theory is a lie, a scientific fraud! Waves is dirty electricity, is the negative side of light because visible light is darkness propagated in waves, the light we see is darkness! They are using waves to form darkness, the visible light, all this illusion, and to imprison and delude people with this false light of matter formed by waves, waves is controlled light, controlled energy, is a sigil to imprison and control energy and not a source of energy!

Electric current should be direct and without transformers, transformers were invented to block electric current to sell electricity! It’s a scam and a public health attack because it generates electric tensions blocking the free flow of energy! They project the power grid in this way to sell electricity that exists free in air and to provoke electric tensions because tensions generate a lot of negative energy that feeds those alien bastards!

5G is a standard and an architecture of data transmission for increasing data communication speeds that is already in use by the military since the beginning of the power grid and that’s why the power grid was designed to transmit electricity with only two harmonized and standardized frequencies LiFi, 50 and 60 hz power line frequency, so as not to damage the data transmission and to be able for parasites of the business man to capitalize and sell the electricity that flows freely in nature because electricity exists abundantly in an infinite way in the air! 5G and 8G is already in use by the military since the beginning of the telecommunications and the internet using the Power Grid!


LED lights are 5G, 6G, 7G and 8G wireless fiber optic technology that transmit data in submillimeter waves with extremely high frequency above the terahertz range. Any LED light is a 5G to 8G transmitter and that is why the Cabal is using LED lights as the main technology for the internet of things!

O objectivo final das luzes LED e das telecomunicações Smart com o 5G a 8G é alterar as frequências cerebrais e celulares para alienar e abduzir a espécie humana para uma outra dimensão alargada (Hypercube e realidade aumentada), é o arrebatamento e rapto do Apocalipse descrito na Bíblia!

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