COVID-19 é uma operação da CIA/Mossad e de todos os serviços de inteligência mundiais para a implementação da Nova Ordem Mundial com a marca da besta que necessita da vacinação obrigatória para ligar o ADN humano ao cérebro artificial do anti-Cristo através da Smart Grid: Coronavirus and the shock doctrine – Parasites profiting from panic!

Israel Coronavirus Is The Shock, Dictatorship Is The Doctrine

The key was using shock to reduce adults to a disabled childlike state using fear and panic!

But these techniques don’t only work on individuals, they can work on whole societies, a collective trauma, a war, a coup, a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, puts as all into a state of shock, and in the aftermath like the prisoner in the interrogation chamber we too become submissive childlike more inclined to follow leaders who claim to protect us.

The idea is to prevent the subject from relaxing and recovering from shock. Milton Friedman understood that just as prisoners are soft and up for interrogation by the shock of their capture, massive disasters could serve to soften us for his radical free market crusade. He advise politicians that immediately after the crisis they should push through all the painful policies at once before people could regain their footing. He call this method economic shock treatment, I call it the shock doctrine. Take a second look at the iconic events of our Era and behind many you will find it’s logic at work, this is the secret history of the free-market, it wasn’t born in freedom and democracy, it was born in shock.

Only a crisis actual or perceived produces real change. Isolation both physical and psychological must be maintain from the moment of apprehension. The capacity for resistance is diminished by disorientation, prisoners should maintain silence at all times, they should never be allowed to speak to each other.

There is one other thing I learn from my study of states of shock, shock wears off, it is by definition a temporary state and the best way to stay oriented, to resist shock, is to know what is happening to you and why.

They are setting in place the NWO (New World Order). It’s a danger to the freedom of the people of the world..

There is no coronavirus, it’s nanotechnology (nanodust and smartdust) that is being sprayed with geo-engineering operations to communicate with wireless networks using the Smart Grid, Smart Meters, Smart Phones, Smart TVs, Smart Routers, LED lights, public lightning systems, LED headlights of vehicles with wireless IP video-cameras, meteo and military radars, tele-communication antennas, internet routers and mobile phones, all of this devices are inter-connected!

New Quality-Control Investigations on Vaccines: Micro- and Nanocontamination

Everything that communicates using wireless networks are electromagnetic and nuclear radiation that burns the air that we breathe, right now they are using the wireless networks as a weapon to attack specific zones and kill target individuals, preventing people from breathing because it burns the air, that’s why people are having respiratory attacks because the air is being burned with the wireless radiation and with the nanodust that enters the lungs and causes the symptoms of coronavirus, a neurological disorder caused by electromagnetic radiation!

The Coronavirus and 5G

The Shock Doctrine

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Pentagon Study: Flu Shot Raises Risk of Coronavirus by 36%

A polícia invadiu a casa de dois cientistas de renome mundial que recentemente descobriram evidências alarmantes afectando quase todas as principais vacinas!

O verdadeiro objectivo do estado de emergência, máscaras e luvas médicas, quarentena obrigatória, testes e diagnósticos, tratamentos e vacinação compulsiva, é impedir a alquimia e a transfiguração dos humanos para o estado de Diamante Azul através da enorme quantidade da luz negra invisível ultravioleta, que a Terra e toda a natureza, animais e humanos, estão a gerar de dentro para fora e a receber de fora para dentro, purificando, protegendo e elevando espiritualmente tudo e todos! Por isso nos querem separar uns dos outros e dos animais!

Os diagnósticos ao COVID-19 (coronavirus) é uma arma biológica para contaminar o sangue das pessoas e matá-las com bactérias causadoras de pneumonia justificando assim o Estado de Emergência e a vacinação obrigatória compulsiva em todas as pessoas saudáveis!

O principal objectivo do coronavírus é vacinação obrigatória e ligar todas as pessoas dentro de casa à Smart Grid com a marca da besta que é a realidade virtual e a ligação do cérebro e do sistema nervoso central ao Hypercube (5D-5G, 8D-8G), é a abdução e o rapture que o Novo Testamento de Cristo nos revela em Apocalipse!

O vírus Corona (COVID-19) é uma arma biológica desenvolvida pela máfia judaica para vender vacinas em todo o mundo e obrigar as pessoas (principalmente idosos, crianças e mulheres grávidas) a vacinação obrigatória em nome de uma falsa saúde pública porque a vacina para o coronavírus é uma arma biológica para esterilizar, adoecer e matar a população mundial no seguimento da Agenda 2030 do desenvolvimento sustentável das Nações Unidas!

Toda a verdade sobre o Coronavirus COVID-19

Dr. Charles Lieber is a nano-scientist at Harvard University. He was recently charged by the American authorities for secretly being a Chinese agent. However, there is a mystery surrounding the nature of his work. It is said he was recruited for advanced research into nanowire-batteries. But investigation by GreatGameIndia has shown that Lieber was infact working on virus transmitters that could penetrate cell membranes without affecting the intercellular functions and even measure activities inside heart cells and muscle fibers.

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