Diseases are spreaded by frequencies!

Um dos maiores segredos que existe no mundo é este: Diseases are not spreaded by spiting, virus, bacterias, air or animals, diseases are spreaded by frequencies! Virus does not exist! The Germanic Medicine is correct in stating that virus does not exist! Diseases are spreaded by frequencies, not virus nor bacterias nor any other micro-organism! Everything is about frequencies and vibrations, not virus! Virus are psychological warfare operations to induce fear to lower planetary vibration in order for the diseases to be able to be spreaded by magnetic ressonance! That’s why the Media and society in general is all about fear mongering.

Diseases need low frequencies! Every and any micro-nano-organism works with ressonances that vibrates in specific frequencies! The whole world is controlled by frequencies! They want us in infrared frequencies (fear, low vibration) for them to be able to mind control us with electromagnetic weapons, the alphabet is an electromagnetic weapon that can be used for good or evil purposes.