Commodore is our Ancestor Land. “Do you know how this ends? The CIA sucks my cock! That’s how this fuckin’ ends! Ok? That’s how this fuckin’ ends! You knew it, you knew this is going to happen” – Terry Davis, Author of TempleOS, the most powerfull and only x64 native operating system in the entire world and history of computer science!

The difference between an amateur and a professional is you write your own compiler
Targeted individual lonely programmer with an RFID Chip in his body and his identity was changed by the CIA and cyborg agencies because he was doing it right and influencing others to do it right! Never trust in a tempting job offer!

A CIA (Central de Inteligência Americana) e todas as agências de inteligência no mundo têm agentes infiltrados em todas as áreas sociais e na internet para identificar e alterar a identidade (desviar o caminho) das crianças índigo e jovens que têm a capacidade de influenciar os outros a fazer algo benéfico, criativo e original. As agências de inteligência alteram a identidade destas crianças e jovens com uma simples coisa: propostas de trabalho! Uma alteração de identidade é simplesmente quando uma pessoa deixa de fazer o que gosta de fazer e deixa de fazer o que sente que quer fazer, desviando-se do seu caminho para seguir um outro caminho que não é seu mas que lhe foi sugerido (educação) ou obrigado a seguir (sobrevivência).

Todo o mundo é controlado desta forma, eles desviam as pessoas do seu próprio caminho para que ninguém faça o que gosta de fazer porque o propósito da vida de uma pessoa é fazer aquilo que gosta de fazer, e não ser obrigada a fazer algo ou fazê-lo de forma contrariada, quando alguém faz algo que gosta de fazer essa pessoa aumenta a vibração e viaja no tempo porque sai mentalmente e espiritualmente fora do tempo e do espaço onde fisicamente está, viajando e entrando no seu próprio mundo, no seu próprio espaço-tempo, e se as pessoas saem fora do espaço e do tempo deixam de ser controladas mentalmente passando a comandar as suas próprias vidas! É só isto que eles querem impedir em todo o mundo! Nós é que somos os StarGates e os viajantes do tempo quando fazemos o que gostamos de fazer!

Eles não querem ninguém a reinventar a roda porque se as pessoas começam a reinventar a roda começam a construir os seus próprios veículos e a construir os seus próprios caminhos, não seguem os caminhos dos outros! Começam a seguir o seu próprio caminho controlando as suas próprias vidas, começam a pensar pela sua própria cabeça, e quando alguém começa a pensar pela sua própria cabeça começa a fazer algo diferente, criativo e benéfico, começa a ser genuíno e autêntico, algo que incomoda as agendas da singularidade que requer mentalidade de rebanho, autómatos, escravos, todos a fazer a mesma coisa, cyborgs!

Commodore is our Ancestor Land (Terry Davis): Imagine what we would have today if the Commodore had not been destroyed by the zionists of the old testament tribe with IBM so they could develop a universal language and worldwide network (internet) to implement the mark of the beast (genetic and cyber singularity, smart grid and cloud computing) because with Commodore that would be impossible because with Commodore we have direct access to the hardware and machine language! With Commodore we have total control of the machines, the machines do what we want them to do!

And they want us slaves, trapped in #hashes = confusion, controlled chaos, electro-negativity, electronic prison, #hashes are digital magnets to trap us to a #electromagnetic-field, hashes are controlled chaos for over-stimulation and mind control, attracting people to a discussion to generate electro-negativity, to use our life force which is positive by nature, in a negative way, they subvert everything to generate negativity! They use our life force in a negative way to imprison us in rings, cycles, layers, dimensions, to become slaves of the machines and prevent us from accessing the root and be free through root-0 (zero point) because with root-0 we are free and have complete control over the Matrix!

We live in a computer simulation run by artificial intelligence and their synthetic slaves (elites) and we are freeing ourselves from that control by dissolving the lies of the electromagnetic network and their programming that has been imposed on us.

They want to keep this illusory network to prevent us from being truly free, that’s why they keep running the programing and manipulation of our minds with a high-level language, the alphabet (rings, density, dimensions, laws, authorities, letters and numbers are sigils that trap and control light) to prevent the dissolution of light and keep us away from accessing the zero point stargate, the root, ring-zero, the machine language in which we free ourselfs from the electromagnetic artificial network and have complete control over this simulation and the matrix, over our being (hardware) and over everything around us! They want light because visible light is light imprisoned to be seen and not shared and dissolved, light is an electromagnetic prison! light is the illusion!

Commodore Paula audio chip – Year: 1985:


IBM is behind the RFID healthcare and Transhumanist Agenda and they need ASCII to control the world with artificial intelligence!

The nigger cattle of the CIA and the illuminati!

Terrence Andrew Davis, author of the most powerful, efficient and secure Operating System in the entire world and hystory of Computer Science, being the biggest threat to artificial intelligence, cloud computing and quantum computers, was gang stalking and kidnapped by the CIA/illuminati and imprisoned and tortured at the Minnesota Correctional Facility – Stillwater!

Flash Memory and Cloud Computing is a Trojan Horse and a Weapon of Mass Destruction!

Os surtos de Ebola estão a ser causados e transmitidos com vacinas através da Cruz Vermelha para a mobilização de tropas em Africa para que as potências mundiais se apoderem das reservas de petróleo, diamantes, para obrigar os escravos a trabalhar nas minas em condições desumanas, e vacinar à força as populações contaminando-as com a Ebola para manter a doença alastrada e justificar assim a intervenção militar, médica e farmacêutica!

Ebo-LIE – October 8, 2014

People In the Western World Need to Know What’s Happening Here in West Africa. THEY ARE LYING!!! “Ebola” as a Virus Does NOT Exist and Is NOT “Spread”. The Red Cross Has Brought a Disease to 4 Specific Countries for 4 Specific Reasons and It Is Only Contracted By Those Who Receive Treatments and Injections From the Red Cross. That is Why Liberians and Nigerians Have Begun Kicking the Red Cross Out of Their Countries and Reporting In the News the Truth. Now Bear With Me:


Most People Jump to “Depopulation” Which is No Doubt Always on the Mind of the West When It Comes to Africa. But I Assure You Africa Can NEVER Be Depopulated By Killing 160 People a Day When Thousands are Born Per Day. So the real Reasons Are Much More Tangible.

Reason 1: This Vaccine Implemented Sickness Being “Called” Ebola Was Introduced Into West Africa for the End Goal of Getting Troops on the Ground In Nigeria, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. If You Remember We Were Just Trying to Get Into Nigeria for “Boko Haram”#BULLSHIT But That Fell Apart When Nigerians Started Telling the Truth. There ARE NO GIRLS MISSING. Global Support Fell Through the Floor, and a New Reason Was Needed to Get Troops Into Nigeria and Steal the New Oil Reserves They Have Discovered.

Reason 2: Sierra Leone is the World’s Largest Supplier of Diamonds. For the Past 4 Months They Have Been on Strike, Refusing to Provide Diamonds Due to Horrible Working Conditions and Slave Pay. The West Will Not Pay a Fair Wage for the Resources Because the Idea is to Keep These People Surviving on Rice Bags and Foreign AID So That They Remain a Source of Cheap Slave Labor Forever. A Reason Was Also Needed to Get Troops On the Ground In Sierra Leone to Force an End to the Diamond Miners Strikes. This is Not the First Time This Has Been Done. When Miners Refuse to Work Troops Are Sent In and Even If They Have to Kill and Replace Them All, the Only Desire is to Get Diamonds Back Flowing Out of the Country. Of Course to Launch Multiple Campaigns to Invade These Countries Separately Would Be WAY Too Fishy. But Something Like “Ebola” Allows Access to an Entire Area Simultaneously…

Reason 3: In Addition to Stealing Nigerian Oil, and Forcing Sierra Leone Back to Mining, Troops Have Also Been Sent In to FORCE Vaccinations (Deadly “Ebola” Poison) Onto Those Africans Who Are Not Foolish Enough to Take Vaccines Willingly. 3000 Troops Are Being Sent In to Make Sure That This “Poison” Continues to Spread, Because Again It Is Only Spread Through Vaccination.

As More and More News Articles Are Released Like the One Above From Liberia, Informing the Populous of the US Lies and Manipulation, More and More Africans Are Refusing to Visit the Red Cross. Troops Will Force These Vaccinations Upon the People to Ensure the Visible Appearance of an Ebola Pandemic. In Addition to This They Will Protect the Red Cross From the Liberians and Nigerians Who Have Been Rightfully Ejecting Them From Their Countries.

Reason 4: 3000 Troops….. Is Ebola Susceptible to Bullets?? Ridiculous. Last But Not Least the APPEARANCE of This Ebola “Pandemic” (Should Americans Not Catch On) Will Be Used to Scare Countless Millions Into Taking the “Ebola Vaccine” Which in Reality IS THE PANDEMIC. Already They Have Started With Stories of How It Has Been Brought Back to the US and Has Appeared in Dallas, How White Doctors Were Cured But Black Infected Are Not Being Allowed to Be Treated Etc.

ALL That Will Do Is Make Blacks STRIVE to Get the Vaccine, Because It Appears That the “Cure” is Being Held Back From Blacks. They Will Run Out In Droves to Get It and Then There Will Be Serious Problems. With All We Have Seen Revealed About Vaccines This Year You Would Think We Learned Our Lesson. All I Can Do Is Hope So, Because They Depend Highly On Our Ignorance to Complete Their Agendas. Ask Yourself If Ebola Was Really Spread From Person to Person, Instead of Controlled Spread Through Vaccination – Then WHY Would the CDC and the US Government Continue to Allow Flights In and Out of These Countries With Absolutely No Regulation, Or At All? We Have Got to Start Thinking and Sharing Information Globally Because They Do Not Give the True Perspective of the People Who Live Here in West Africa. They Are Lying for Their Own Benefit and There Aren’t Enough Voices Out There With a Platform to Help Share Our Reality. Hundreds of Thousands Have Been Killed, Paralyzed and Disabled By These and Other “New” Vaccines All Over the World and We Are Finally Becoming Aware of It. Now What Will We DO With All This Information?



A verdadeira história do genocídio que está a ser cometido na República Centro-Africana pelas Nações Unidas e pelo Governo de Portugal e o Conselho Superior de Defesa Nacional!

Falsos ataques engendrados pelas Nações Unidas na República Africana!

False attacks engendered by the United Nations in the African Republic!

Os Comandos e Militares Portugueses estão a ser usados como cobaias das Nações Unidas e do complexo industrial militar-médico-farmacêutico na República Centro-Africana!

O Rei da Selva não é nenhum rei, é uma Aliya, uma Elefanta!

O Tenente-Coronel Pedro Tinoco de Faria é um cruzado mercenário da NATO que gosta de cheirar crianças Africanas e de assassinar crianças Afegãs!

O Rei da Selva não é nenhum rei, é uma Aliya, uma Elefanta!

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The nigger cattle of the CIA and the illuminati!