Cosmic Dust: Klaus Wiese – Om Ton, o corpo sonoro do Absoluto, o som do Universo…

“…and I will leave. But the birds will stay, singing:
and my garden will stay, with its green tree, with its water well.
Many afternoons the skies will be blue and placid,
and the bells in the belfry will chime,
as they are chiming this very afternoon.
The people who have loved me will pass away,
and the town will burst anew every year.
But my spirit will always wander nostalgic
in the same recondite corner of my flowery garden.”
– from a translation of the poem “El Viaje Definitivo” by Juan Ramón Jiménez.

A profound work of absolute spirit. Taken from the 7th disc of the “Klangschalen Sounds” boxset. Rest in peace, Klaus Wiese. 1942-2009.